Monday, July 13, 2009

Thank heaven for little girls ! older ones too!

These 1st two picture's were taken before church ,the others were taken to try to get the perfect picture of Lexis for our adoption announcements, there are SO many good one's to pick from.
Since Hayle and Lexis had matching dresses I could not resist dressing Hayle up and taking some picture's of her too .
Mark stopped along the way home and picked me this beautiful bouquet of flowers.

When Lexis doesn't understand the english , this is what you get along with her beautiful smile .

" I da know !!! "

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Hawaiian tea party !

The girls were invited to celebrate a friends 9th birthday last week, it was a Hawaiian tea party . What little girl doesn't like a tea party ? They had a great time !

The birthday girl !!!!!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Fathers Day !

Today I want to say Happy Fathers Day to the best Father on earth .
Even after working 12 hours he comes home and still finds the time and
energy to play with the girls and help around the house.
He shows them how a husband should treat his wife
he is a man of respect, above reproach and great integrity.
If you mention Mark's name to anyone who knows him ,
you will hear the same things I just mentioned above.
He is an example of Christ by his actions .
Of course , he had a GREAT example to follow of what a
Father and Husband should be.
His Dad went home to be with the Lord Jan 2008.
He is greatly missed ,but he left wonderful memories and a legacy of a very godly man.
I pray all 3 of our daughters marry men like their Daddy and Pappy .
I am so blessed to be his wife.
If you want to know what a mans true character is, ask his family .


Thursday, May 7, 2009

HOME !!!!!

Cortney was not able to join us on our trip to bring Lexis home as she had finals
But she was waiting with open arms !
I will post more picture's later , I was too busy to take picture's once we got off the plane , but others were taking a lot of picture's , so once I get them I'll post them .
But here is what I do have .

This picture pretty much says it all about our trip home !

Lexies new cousin ,( the one in red) made matching dresses for Lexie , her little sister and Hayle. She is talented , she cooks bakes sews, plays the harp , piano and I couldn't even name all the crafts she does , and does all these well .

Giving Grandma a long awaited hug!

2 friends from our church , Kate and Nate , they prayed faithfully for Lexie to get to come home, even when I thought it was pointless, " To have the faith of a child !"
Our trip home began at 3:30 am Guatemala time .
The girls did great !
Lexis was so excited to get to her new home , and Hayle .... well for some crazy reason she loves to get up in the middle of the night for an adventure , like black friday shopping .
She bounces out of bed when she knows we are leaving in the middle if the night .
When we left the hotel , another gentleman was leaving at the same time .
When we got in the hotel van to head to the airport , we started talking to him .
With in a few minutes we realized he is a Christian , and what an incredible testimony he has .
I will post about that later.
When we had to show our passports , the man started asking questions about Lexie's .
I just began to pray , it's been such a long road I was just a bit nervous .
It was fine , Mark had the right answer for him .Lexie really liked the plane ride .
Once we landed in Pittsburgh , we were greeted by friends and family .
Lexie was amazing . she was hugging everyone , she was not shy at all .
When we got about 5 minutes from our house ,it was like she knew .
She would point to every house and ask Hayle " my casa?" casa means house .
When we got home Lexie came running in the house , she wanted to see every room .
Then we had a house full of people to celebrate !
Lexie had a great time , she seemed to love being the center of attention .
Hayle has been doing so well with her , we were concerned she would be jealous,
Ofcourse it helped my friend Anita brought her 2 year old , put a baby near
Hayle and the reast of the world goes away .

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Shopping day !

Waiting in the lobby for our friend Monica to pick us up.
Then to the resturaunt for some lunch .

Looking for a good deal !!!!!
Our way back to the hotel

Hayle .......................hhhhmmmm do you think we will get back in time for 1 more swim ???????

How could you say no to that face ???

They went swimming when we got back to the hotel , then they got their showers , then into bed . We have to get up at 3:30 am for our fliht home . When Monica told Lexie we were going on the plane to go home , she started dancing and singing , she was so excited !!!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Counting down

Hayle loves to set the camera on the timer and take picture's of her and Lexie, She does a pretty good job ! It's pretty sad when your 6 year old knows how to use the camera better than you .

We are now counting down the hours until we are on the plane home .
As I'm sure you have all seen the news reguarding the swine flu .
We will be in Houston for 4 hour's , This Mom who is already a germaphobe ,
will be trying to keep a 6 and 7 year old from touching everything ,
and using hand sanitizer like crazy.
But my very good friend Deb Kerr sent me this verse
I immediately thought of Psalm 91. "...If you make the Most High your dwelling --- even the Lord, who is my refuge --- then no harm will befall you, no disaster will come near your tent. For he will command his angels concerning you to guard you... .... in ALL YOUR WAYS

I'm really not freaking out , I know we are in Gods hands and will , there is no safer place to be.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fun at the mall !

Just a couple of fun picture's .